Yahoo has released Part 1 of “Mobile Internet – Delivering on the Promise of Mobile Advertising” report this week and it is full of stats and information regarding mobile usage now and even a prediction or two for the future.

Morgan Stanley analysts believe that by 2014 “more users globally will connect to the internet via mobile devices than with desktop PC’s.”   Numbers for 2011 are estimated to be 126 million mobile internet users or 47%.  In 2014 those numbers are expected to be 168 million and 59%.

It also doesn’t matter where the user is.  In-home mobile internet use is almost equal to out-of-home (89%to 93%.)

The categories of applications used is interesting.  Games leads with 61% of users having played a game with a mobile device in the last 30 days.  This study also shows that women are bigger games players than men. 

Weather comes in at 55%, maps and search at 50%, followed by social networking and music.

Interestingly, the study shows that iPad users are more receptive to interesting and interactive advertising.  They are more likely to look at your ads if they have video as well.  They are also more likely to interact with your ad. 

It’s almost as if they are aware of the need for marketing, and if you do it a compelling way, they’re on board with you.

Consumers use social media while watching big events such as the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards.  Immediately following these programs there is a spike in social media interaction as well.

In short, mobile technology is growing and becoming a larger part of our lives every day.