Scott Gerber in an article for mashable, offered his mobile app recommendations for entrepreneurs.  Let’s check them out.
With each passing day, you can conduct more and more of your business from your phone.  Although most of us may still use a PC or laptop, don’t discount what some of these programs can do for you.

Thanks to Scott he did the research for us and here are the apps a group of successful young entrepreneurs say are their favorites.

- Thumb:  You ask questions and share opinions.  Upload a picture and within seconds people will comment and rate it.  The most exciting thing about this is to this writer is its potential.  What will this look like in six months?

- Instagram.  We’ve covered this before, but it’s very popular.  The app allows you to change photos with one of many filters.  Take a great picture and make it look better.  Make it great and see if it, and you, don’t go viral.

- Instapaper:  Your personal online newspaper.  If you’re like me, I constantly come across articles and blogposts that I want to read, but don’t have the time to at that moment.  Wave the article to Instagram and read it later.   A much improved system over bookmarking everything and having that mess.

- Dwolla.  The online version of cash.  People can exchange money online or through their phones with paying any fees.  Check their website for more information.

- OmniFocus:  A organizing app for Mac, iPhone and iPad.  Reminds me of an old style actual organizer.  You know, the real kind with tabs, a binder and all that.  You can organize tasks by device.  Make general to-do lists, etc. 
We hope you find some of these useful.