Real time bidding (RTB) for video advertising is the latest method of placing your video ads on websites.  According to an article on based on a report by Forrester Research, RTB is the “fastest growing segment of the online video advertising market.”

According to the report mobile video advertising has doubled in the last year and growth is expected to be around 70 for the remainder of 2013.

The practice of RTB allows advertisers to bid auction-style for available ad inventory.  It is believed that this allows for better targeting, and theoretically for more efficient testing because the process is conducted in real time. It’s easier to see what ad or website works when you can study it in real time.

It’s interesting to note that according to the Wall Street Journal, video advertising costs have fallen (approximately 10 to 15%)in the last year.  The primary reason is that web video inventory has increased thus causing the price to decrease.

Other developments include “native ads” which are created specifically for a given site and “digital upfronts” (AKA buying in advance) in which an advertiser buys the ads in advance.