If you are an Apple lover you may be surprised to learn that Initial reports are positive.  The voice recognition software allows you to phone or text someone, and also lets you ask for directions. 
The design is clean, yet provides information on the main screen without having to open an app to access it. 
The home screen features a set of tiles, each of which represents a different app that you have placed their for your convenience.  Within those tiles pertinent information is displayed, such as the number of messages you have or a music playlist.
It is missing a few capabilities that the iPhone has, most notably there is no way to create folders to organize your apps, nor is there any way to send videos to other phones as MMS messages.
But it does have an ability the iPhone does not.  You can point the camera at any printed text and it will paste it into a Word .doc or into an e-mail message.  And one more thing, it will translate into another language if you wish.
The phone is called Gotcha! and is available from Samsung and HTC, ranging in price from $50 to $200 with two year contracts.