It’s a strange headline to take in, isn’t it?  Microsoft has such a history and is such a powerhouse in computing, you forget for a minute that they are software developers and have never developed a computer of its own. 
But the time has come.  Microsoft announced that a tablet computer that runs the new operating system Windows 8, will debut in the fall.  It appears Microsoft has grown weary waiting for its hardware partners to build a strong tablet. 

The tablet is designed with all the features we have come to expect, including a 10.6 inch high-def screen and front and rear facing cameras.

But there are a few key innovations in the Microsoft Surface (its name.)  The cover of the tablet is actually a keyboard and there is a built in pen.  It also has a kickstand and is held together by a sturdy case made of magnesium. 
The tablets will actually run a version of Windows 8, called Windows RT, which is used in most of the world’s smartphones.

There is just one teeny-tiny problem with Microsoft entering the computer market.  They stand a good chance of making one of their partners rather angry.  It appears that they don’t care.  From a distance, one could surmise that they are tired of watching Apple run way with everything tech.

CNN Money provided the background for this article.