An article recently posted on explained the "one thing that marketing is all about."  Before I finished the first paragraph, I decided that this would make a great blog post topic.  So…what is the "one thing" that marketing is about?

It's helpful to first define marketing as the umbrella under which stands the advertising, public relations and sales departments.  Service is important; vastly important, and it works with the marketing department, but very much stands on its own.

So what's the goal of a successful marketing department and how do you measure that?  Yes, increased sales are an indicator, but not necessarily the only one.  Communications with customers take on different forms and often has different objectives.  For instance, you may be trying to drive traffic to your website in an effort to get them to "Like" your page or to share a piece of content; or even to sign up for a contest.

So what do I think marketing is about?  It's the processes through which you communicate with your customers and potential customers, as well as the message itself. 

This communication takes different forms which are constantly evolving.  Simply from an advertising standpoint in the last fifty years we've gone from newspaper to television to the internet as the rulers of the communication channel battle.

So although some in the industry like to think that the internet has changed everything, that's not entirely true.  The internet is really just a medium and Google is a channel.  If you go back in recent television history, CBS garnered over half of the total viewership at one time.  Then NBC and abc came along and chipped away at their lead.  Now, there are literally hundreds of channels.  Google is very similar to the CBS of the 50's.

The past of television is what I predict as the future of search.  I think in five to ten years there will be specialty search engines that offer content as well.  Google has lightly treaded lightly into this territory with Knowledge Graph, but I expect more of this.  Travel, automotive, financial services…all are ripe for further internet development.

There will also be brands of search.  If Oprah is smart and I think she is, she's gotta be looking at the viability of Oprah search.

So after all that, what does that article say is the one thing? 

According to the article it's liquidity; as in flexibility.  It's a greater concentration on the message.  Basically there are more ways to reach people than ever before.  All of the traditional media are still here, but  content is delivered in different ways, which include the internet and on different devices including smartphones.

With the increase in communication channels comes the need to have a flexible message.  You can't deliver one message in the same way, over and over.  You need to craft messages that are appropriate for the device, channel and form in which the message is being received.

When you examine our answers, you find that the author and I agree on quite a lot.  Where I focused my attention more on the dissemination of the message, he concentrated on the message itself.  Between the two of us I think we have covered much of the story of modern day marketing.

Although the pieces have changed, much of the game remains the same.