Uri Bar-Joseph recently wrote an article for SearchEngineWatch that offered tips for marketing teams.  Most of us, affiliate marketers that is, aren’t lucky enough to have teams.  We are usually our own marketing teams.  Teams of one.  But that doesn’t mean his tips can’t be useful.

Tip #1:  Focus.  Or maybe a better word is Organization.  Identify your goals.  For your website and for yourself.  After you do all the marketing 101 things that every business does, such as researching your target market, optimizing your website and developing your tactics or marketing strategies; you focus and organzie.  After you’ve done this you’re ready to begin MARKETING, with a capital “M.”

Set up a plan that will help you reach your goals.  Be it SEO or PPC or a combination of both, devise a schedule that assigns your time to developing the content and creative you need to succeed.  All the while keep in mind what your goals are and the best ways to achieve them. 
There is a saying I use a lot, which is not original, but certainly true:  Keep your eye on the prize.

2.  Attitude.  Whether you are one in a team of ten, or a team of one, maintaining a positive attitude will go a long way to help you achieve success.  This is hard to do every day, but well worth the attempt.

3.  Be accountable.  Hold yourself accountable for the work you do; and don’t do.  Set up a reward system when your reach your goals and a punishment of sorts when you don’t reach your goals.  It’s too easy to “blow things off” when you are self-employed.  Only the strongest among us achieve every goal as entrepreneurs, so set up a system that helps you meet your goals.

4.  Learn from others.  This is directly from Bar-Joseph and is a lesson that we put to use in all aspects of our lives.  The technology field is littered with creative, ground-breaking and brilliant people.  Learn from the habits of successful people (to borrow from the book title slightly.)  Paying attention to those around you is always a strong trait to nurture…and leads us to the next tip…

5.  Follow your competition.  It’s imperative to keep your eye on your competition.  What are they doing well?  And, maybe not so well.  How are they addressing the challenges of the industry?  In the game of marketing, it’s about creating a unique brand for your company.  Don’t copy what your competition is doing, but rather create your own niche.  Make your brand stand out and alone, in your field.  In order to do this, you need to understand what your competition is doing.

6.  Develop your team of marketing ears.  I don’t mean a staff of people with salaries, but cultivate a group of people that you bounce ideas off of.  It might be another Affiliate Marketer from a non-competing field.  It might be your Affiliate Manager from T3leads, and it might be your neighbor who is in a totally different business.  Being self-employed doesn’t mean that you work in a bubble.  Reach out and share ideas with people.  This will help you immeasurably in developing your brand.

7.  Analyze and study your results.  You will not hit a home run every time; but sometimes you will.  You will achieve success and failures.  Learn from both.

If you’re paying attention and learning from your actions, here’s one thing I can predict.  You will be a better Affiliate Marketer one year from today than you are today, if you follow the tips above.