All of us in the affiliate marketing business are also online shoppers, information gatherers, fun seekers, etc.  We use the internet a lot and know that we love some sites and hate others.  We know that we leave some sites because the site just isn’t functional; and we know that we love some of them because they are so easy to use.  Well, guess what?  People judge our sites in exactly the same way.  People love ‘em and stay, while others find them unhelpful and leave.  So what’s the difference?  Landing page design and copy. is a great site that provides invaluable information to people looking to improve their SEO.  Here are the highlights of a landing page article from Grant Simmons.

1.    Customer intent.  Are your headlines and page content following the customer intent?  Headlines should be easy to find and read.  They should tell the page summary in a few words.  Following that, does your copy match what the user searched for?  Your headlines and copy should match the keywords that first time searchers are “searching” for.

2.    VERY IMPORTANT:  Can first-time users visit your site and with one quick glance ABOVE THE FOLD know the who?, what?, and why? of your business? 
In some businesses you may intentionally try to be mysterious about your product or business, but for affiliate marketers?  No way.  Make it clear through images, headlines and brief text who you are, what you do and why the user needs you.

3.    Does your landing page have to be a catch-all?  If so, you need an index or some other method for users to find exactly what they’re looking for.  Take a look at Amazon or other similar department store site that sells a lot of products.  Their indexes are front and center.

What do you do if your product line is less than Amazon but more than Just Born (the makers of Peeps for Easter) or Arrowhead water (water)?  Use top and or side tabs to help differentiate the user options.  Let’s use a mortgage site as an example.  You have first time, new mortgages.  First time buyers require more overall information than second time buyers.  Make those easy to differentiate and then make those landing pages different.  You’ll need pages for FHA buyers, second mortgages, Home Equity loans, etc.  All of these should be easy to find and custom content for the users who end up on those landing pages.

Make sure that any changes you do make, you are testing after to make sure that you are having the desired result.