By Paul Parcellin, Staff Writer
July 10, 2014

Leads are the lifeblood of sales, and most companies, including payday loan firms, cannot remain competitive without them. That's why they need to connect with effective lead generators, who can keep them supplied with a constant stream of good quality leads.

If you're just getting started in payday loan lead generation there are a number of techniques and procedures to learn about. Here are some of the basics:

Inbound marketer Anum Hussain, defines a lead as "a person who has in some way, shape, or form indicated interest in your company's product or service." That may be someone who lands on your site, is interested in your offerings, converts, and becomes a payday loan lead for you.

The components of the payday loan leads generation process are as follows:

Landing Page: A Web page on which visitors land, and with which you can collect payday loan leads. The landing page is usually designed to encourage visitors to take a specific action, such as leaving their contact information for those collecting payday loans leads.

Call-to-Action: A message that tells the visitor what action to take. It will often call on the visitor to fill in a form with contact information, which can produce a payday loan lead for the website owner.

With these items in place, you can begin promoting your site to bring pay day loan leads traffic to it. Then it's up to you to create pages that contain interesting content.

Hussain says that in roughly six seconds a visitor will decide whether or not to click the back button and leave your site. She notes that the six second statistic is usually cited in relation to website optimization, however it applies to visitors' attention spans for performing tasks such as filling out payday loan lead forms.

Content for Payday Loan Lead Sites

Effective site design for payday loan lead sites, or for any other site, should include good quality content. If your site has a blog, it should be kept up to date and must provide information that your potential visitors will find relevant. Part of your efforts to offer useful content should be devoted to gaining a good understanding of the target audience that you are appealing to. You must discover their needs, and provides ways to fulfill those needs. By focusing on the customer you will likely see better payday loan lead generation results than you would with less targeted content.

Payday Loan Lead Strategy

Your strategy, therefore, should be to capture the visitor's attention right away. That means ridding your page of any elements that might make a visitor flee - confusing text, a distracting layout, a complicated navigation bar or a form with too many fields.

Clarifying your text and simplifying design and navigation elements may seem like manageable tasks to you, but what about paring down the number of fields in your form?

You may be able to make your form more user friendly simply by reducing its length. But you probably can't do away with forms entirely because they are likely the main channel that you use to generate leads. Somehow you must find the length that is comfortable for your visitor, and also yields the kind of information that you need. Too many fields and some visitors will bounce. Too few fields and you may not collect enough information to satisfy the advertiser.

Pamela Vaughan, inbound marketing blog manager at HubSpot, cites major factors that contribute to whether a landing page visitor will complete the form:

The value of the offer to be redeemed. (Is it valuable enough to the visitor to be worth the form completion?)
The types of information requested on the form. (Does the form ask for too-sensitive information that dissuades visitors from completing the form?)

Post Script

If you keep these guidelines in mind and make your site easier to read, understand and navigate, you may find that your pages are yielding the number of payday loan leads that you seek. One of the main points to remember is that you must take your visitors into consideration when you design your pages. Think of the experience that they will have as they navigate your site, and make the experience as easy and pleasant as you possibly can.

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