Do you think I went overboard on the title?  So what!  Sometime you just gotta have some fun.  The following article is inspired by Stoney deGeyter’s article entitled, “Why my optimized landing pages trump your SEO or PPC landing pages every time,” which recently appeared on  He provides some very solid tips for constructing your landing pages to be successful, regardless of  whether you’re doing SEO or PPC.

Tip #1: Keywords + Creativity=Success. Web page Headlines are often different from magazine ad headlines.  Web page headlines can be longer.  A ten word headline on a web page doesn’t look strange; it does on a print ad.  This means you have the opportunity to include your keywords and do it in a creative fashion.  Of course don’t forget the <h1> tag.

Tip #2: Don’t forget Meta Tags. These are important because they are visible to the user in the search results.

Tip #3: Strong Layout.  We’ve written a lot on this topic because it’s so important.  By strong page layout, we include the following: 
•    Clean, easy to navigate layout
•    Inside pages with a single goal; don’t try to convey/sell three things on page (unless of course it’s a catalog listing of some kind)
•    Good use of white space
•    Blog posts that are easy to scan with bulleted items and bold sub-headings; that also have photos that convey the topic of the posting
•    A page layout that looks like you care.  Keep them updated and looking fresh from a design standpoint.  If you can’t remember the last time you updated your pages, it’s time to for a review.

Tip #4: Easy to find “call to action.” Make sure you test the actual “button copy.”  Be it “submit,” “learn more” or something similar.

Tip #5: Place your social links on each page.  Social visits and sharing help you create natural inbound links and this is a HUGE signal to the search engines, that your material is quality.

We say it almost every week because it’s so important…ongoing website maintenance is imperative to your success.  We hope these tips help you a little.