Undeniably yes.  For those unaware, Kinect recognizes simple hand gestures and is currently being used on the Xbox gaming console.  There are an estimated 18 million consoles worldwide.  Microsoft has been developing them for use on future laptops and it’s estimated that they will hit the market in the second half of 2012.

Since the technology is already available on Xbox, when the technology is available on a laptop, it seems that gaming will be a high priority for those laptops.  At the very least, it will be a highly marketed function of the laptops.  The technology will also allow for even more multi-tasking, will it not?

Microsoft opened its Kinect SDK to developers in 2011, so expect capabilities to come fast and furious both as, and after, the laptops actually hit the marketplace.

Others developing the gesture-recognition technology include SoftKinetic, whose system can sense motion as close as 6 inches away.  This is extremely important for laptop use.  If for example, the computer user has to be several feet away for the technology to work, that’s certainly not very user friendly is it?

Other outlets for the technology include televisions which will be hitting the market shortly also.  They will recognize hand movements as Kinect does, which will allow the viewer to adjust the volume and channel, among other uses.