Millennial Media has released its June Mobile Mix Report. According to the research, from Q1-Q2 2011, impressions on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7, RIM and Symbian all grew by more than 10 percent. In particular, Windows Phone 7 impressions grew 31 percent quarter-over-quarter, while RIM grew 29 percent.

The connected device category (mobile devices such as the iPad, iPod Touch, Sony PSP, etc.) grew 13% in the last month, which made up 18% of all impressions on our network.

Here are a few additional highlights in the June report:

* The iPhone remained the top mobile phone on Millenial Media's network, with a 16 pecent impression share.
* iOS impressions (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) grew 18 percent quarter-over-quarter. In the same time period, Android impressions grew 11 percent.
* Android remained the leading OS on Millenial Media's network for the 7th consecutive month, with a 54 percent impression share; and 16 of the top 20 mobile phones were Android.
* Smartphones made up 65 percent of all impressions on Millenial Media's network, and all 20 of the top 20 phones were smartphones.
* Music and entertainment application impressions grew 13 percent quarter-over-quarter. Within the music/entertainment category, music and audio applications accounted for two-thirds of the impressions.