From reading a collection of reviews of the new iPhone 5, I can’t help but be underwhelmed.  I’m not seeing negative reviews, (well, one) but I’m seeing a lot of “yeah, it’s a better phone.”  I can’t figure out if this is the result of an upgrade that isn’t successful, whether the technology to make dramatic improvements is not available, or if this is just where apple is in its life span.  Time will tell I guess. 

But thanks to US News and World Report, the source material for this article, we can compare the old iPhone with the new one to see exactly what improvements were made.

Screen Size: The new version is 4” in length vs. 3.5” for the iPhone 4s.

Depth: The new model is 18% slimmer than the 4s, and claims to be the thinnest in the world.

Weight:  5 is 20% lighter than 4s.

Internet Speed: Since the new model has 4G, it is faster than the previous model with 3G.

Siri: Siri’s little brain is filled with more entertainment info, sports scores and the ability to make dinner reservations.

Camera: The new model is better in low light and allows for panoramic pictures.

Battery Life: One of the major complaints of the 4s was the battery life.  Apple says they have made improvements and life will now be easier for users. (Here, for instance is where I’d like to see the richest company on the planet use some of that money.  Build a freakin’ great battery.  Just git’ ‘er dun.)

Audio:  5 comes with three microphones; 4 had just one.

Color: Much greater color saturation with the 5.

Resolution: The new model is 1136 x 640; the 4S was 960 x 640.

Processor: According to apple it’s up to twice as fast with the new operating system as the 4S.

So here’s the question we were batting around the office. Since the vast majority of the improvements are technological, does this mean that the 4S was ultimately an inferior product? 
I must admit that I am a huge apple fan, but as a result of paying a premium price for their products (which I don’t mind doing), I expect them to deliver something in their products that no one else does.  Do you think this does that?