Chrome.  Do you use Chrome on your laptop or PC?  Go to the ITunes App Store and download the iPad version for free.  By doing so, all of your settings will sync up, thus making it easier to work from both your iPad and your computer.

CloudOn.  This provides you access to Microsoft Office files in the event you do not have this suite of programs on your iPad.

Dropbox.  Save files on the cloud.  Including videos and photos.  They can be accessed from other devices as well.

FastZip.  Are there zip files you want to access?  This $2 program will allow you to do that, then it will let you recompress it when you're finished.

Feedly. It's a newspaper stand for your RSS feeds. 

IntoNow.  Are you someone who likes to share thoughts on social media while watching a particular television show?  This program identifies the show you're watching by listening to the audio track and syncing you up with friends who are watching the same show.  Meet with people on the web with this app.  The free version allows you to join meetings hosted by others, while the$149 version allows you to host meetings.

LogMeIn.   This app allows you to access your home computer from your iPad.  The app is free and quite handy in the event you're away from your computer and need to access something on it.

Paper.  Draw on your iPad.  Have a visual idea and don't have a pen and a piece of paper?  This program allows you to draw it before you forget.  And it's free.

Pinnacle Studio.  Have you shot a video for your blog or website, but need to edit it on a budget?  This app will help you do that.  Just $13 and you'll be able to edit and upload your homemade videos easily. 

Skype.  You already know what it is; don't forget to download it.

The original article on TIME included many more apps, but these are some of the best to help you on your quest to become the best Affiliate Marketer you can be.