With the new model smartphones (the 5S and 5C) comes a new operating system.  Available September 18, 2013, iOS7 will be more colorful with newly designed buttons and will be available on all iPhones, not just the new models.

There are plenty of updates in addition to the look.  The notifications center which helps you to keep track of your calendar items has been improved.  A post on BusinessInsider likened the revamped program to Google Now.  They will be integrated with Flickr and Vimeo.

Apple also announced the launch of iTunes Radio.  It is free to users, but will have advertising on it.

Siri has received an upgrade as well.  It can now search Twitter, Wikipedia and the web.

It was also announced that with new devices offering iOS 7 will receive iWork for free.  iWork is the iOs equivalent of Microsoft Office.  There are three programs in the iWork package, including word processing, spreadsheet and presentation design capabilities.

As of now Microsoft charges $100 a year to use Microsoft Office on mobile.  This is a direct shot at them.

Thank you to Business Insider and GeekWire for their reporting on the apple release.