A survey from Hunch provides some real insight into who uses an iPhone vs. who uses an Android phone.  Before reading, think about it, what assumptions do you have about the users of each platform? 

Sex, Age, etc.: Android users are 10% more likely to be men.  They are 80% more likely to have only a high school diploma.  24% more likely to have an annual household income between $50k and $100k.  iPhone users on the other hand are 67% more likely to make more than $200k and are 29% more likely to be over 35 years of age. 
What are they like? Android users are slightly more likely to be pessimists and iPhone users to be optimists; Android users are 12% more likely to be introverts and 71% more likely to say they tend to follow; iPhone users are 39% more likely to categorize themselves as “high-maintenance” and 27% more likely to say they tend to lead.

Travel: Android users are 71% more likely to have never traveled outside their own country; iPhone users are 50% more likely to have traveled to more than 5 countries; 55% more likely to have taken several free flights this year using frequent flyer miles.

Tech: iPhone users are 50% more likely to be early adopters, are 50% more likely to have used the internet prior to 1992, are 67% more likely to back up their computer constantly  and 38% more likely to own an e-mail domain associated with work, school or their website.
Android users are 33% more likely to have never backed up their computer, 50% more likely to use Yahoo! Mail and 35% more likely to have just one e-mail address.

Media: Cable networks favored by Android users include Comedy Central, ESPN and Discovery.  iPhone users Bravo, BBC and HBO.  Favorite TV shows for Android users include Louie, How I met Your Mother and The Walking Dead; iPhone Planet Earth, Portlandia and The Killing.  (I’m guessing Mad Men too.)

My favorite category…Food and Drink: Cereal preferences for Android users include Corn Pops, Honey Nut Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  iPhone Rice Crispies, Kashi GOLEAN Crunch! and Crispix.
Snacks for Android users include mini-pizzas, popcorn and chocolate.  iPhone mixed nuts, ginger snaps and yogurt.
Preferred cocktails include Shiraz, Moscato and Becks for Android and malbec.  Chianti and Magic Hat for iPhone.

Thank you 60 second marketer for providing the inspiration for this article.  Were you surprised by any of the findings?