According to a report released by Willis Group Holdings P.L.C., non-catastrophic  exposed-property insurance premiums in 2012 are expected to remain flat or even decrease by up to 5%.  Umbrella policies and workman’s comp may rise up to 5%.

In his introduction to the 2011 edition of Marketplace Realities and Risk Management Solutions, Willis Chairman and CEO Joe Plumeri suggests that buyers enhance coverage as much as possible while the market is still soft. “Think about terms and conditions you may want to improve,” he writes. “Think about coverages for emerging risks that may not be protected by conventional property and casualty programs including cyber, environmental, and political risk insurance. Think about your carriers as trading partners, and take a moment to consider their financial stability and longer-term prospects.”

For online insurance marketers, does this mean even more consumer rate comparisons on auto and homeowner’s?