The state insurance department websites in California, Georgia, Kansas, Ohio, Texas and Utah do the best job of giving consumers access to critical insurance information, according to a review of state-run insurance websites across the country conducted by a subsidiary of Bankrate Insurance, which owns several online insurance lead generation vendors.

Each of these websites is easy to navigate and provides a way for consumers to perform such tasks such as comparing auto insurance premiums, filing a complaint against an insurance company or reporting insurance fraud.

On the other hand, dozens of state insurance department websites provide minimal or outdated information regarding complaints against insurers, make it difficult to file an online complaint or send consumers to a third-party website to report fraud. Furthermore, some of the worst websites don't let consumers do comparison shopping for auto, home or renter's insurance.

Robert Hunter, the Consumer Federation of America's director of insurance and a former Texas insurance commissioner, says his consumer advocacy group has been studying state insurance websites for 15 years. Hunter says the states' insurance sites are getting better, but overall they're still a work in progress.