I borrowed the headline idea from Oli Gardner and unbounce.com.  By putting two words in caps I make them stand out because the words around them are not capped.  This is using design to gain attention, the first step in driving and increasing conversions.Conversions are not solely driven by keywords, AdWords and everything else “---words. “  Design impacts conversions.  And in a big way.

Images and their impact on conversions

EConsultancy.com recently presented a few case studies wherein larger images replaced smaller ones on current websites, to test how they impacted conversions.  In all three of the cases presented, conversions went up.  
The first case increased the size of items that were up for auction and thereby pushed the describing copy below the fold.  So, did the bigger image work?  Yes.  63% more visitors started the bidding process than with the smaller image. 
Likewise a test page with a far greater sized “Click here to get started” button increased conversions and a new design form DELL computer that experimented with one single large element that reached across the entire width and length of the main page, resulted in greater conversions as well.
Lesson learned:  Bigger is better.  Larger images help to improve conversions.

Other design elements to consider

KISSmetrics also recently addressed ways to use images to up your conversion rate and here are a few takeaways. 
1.    Emotions Rule:  This is absolutely true.  It’s the old adage of advertising.  Sell benefits, not features.  Don’t tell me that there are 434 extra coils in the new mattress; instead tell me that rates of insomnia dropped 45% when people switched to this mattress.  Tell me I’ll sleep better with this mattress. Use this same philosophy when choosing the images on your site.  Make them emotional.

2.    Use logos to give your site authenticity.  If you are an affiliate website, invest in third party authentication, such as Trust-e or GeoTrust.

3.    Where possible let your images be unique to you and to create a positive corporate image.  A stylized mascot of sorts will set you apart from your competition. 
Other design ideas to consider:  A strong use of white space.  Make the page easy to look at.  Just like a magazine or print ad, the reader should know where they are supposed to look.  Strong design elements and good use of white space accomplish this.

The encapsulation of the call to action.  Put a box around your short forms and calls to action.

Use arrows to help with above.  They will help tell the visitor where to look and will also help the call to action stand out.

Sometimes we put so much effort into our content marketing, we forget to look at the visual aspects of our site.  Make sure that on a regular basis that you are reviewing how your site looks and to look for ways to make it more effective.  It will help you increase conversions.