We’re in the online marketing business, so an effective call-to-action (CTA) is imperative.   Now that I’ve stated the obvious, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of making them better.
Neil Patel of quicksprout.com wrote a great article on the topic and that’s our source for this content.

1.    Your first step in improving your call to action is the “buy” button.  First hint, don’t put “buy” on your button.  But by all means test the copy on your button.  In most cases button copy that is related to your specific business, rather than generic “buy now” copy will work better.  In the payday loan business, a button that says “Get Cash Now” will likely convert better than one that says “buy now.”

2.    Color and Location.  First make sure your primary call to action is above the fold.  It’s good to have one below the fold as well if you have a copy-heavy or graphic-heavy page.  Second, test the colors.  First, they need to stand out and second, they have to be pleasing to look at.

3.    Place CTA’s at the end of content; including video.  Think about it…a user finishes interacting with a video or infographic.  If it did its job the user should be ready to buy.  Make sure a CTA is prominently displayed at the end of each blog post, video and any other kind of content.  It would be a shame if your content convinced the user to go to the next step, but there was no next step posted.

4.    Exit CTA’s.  Do you have a CTA that is activated when the user tries to leave your site?  If not, you should.  They work.  It varies by category and by site, but take our word for it, exit boxes work.  Make sure the boxes have one clear objective, not four.  Have them sign up for a newsletter; make a phone call.  One objective.

This brief list will get you started.  One other hint…make sure your CTA’s stand out.  Don’t place it on a page where it’s lost amongst other content.  Always make sure it’s easy to find and it stands alone.