If you drive your Affiliate Marketing business by PPC (pay-per-click) you are at the mercy of AdWords and it's imperative that it deliver the best results possible.  You can hardly spend enough time perfecting and testing your ad copy to generate the best results.

So when I saw an article by Chris Kent on SearchEngineJournal.com called "Ten Golden Rules of Google AdWords," I had to share some of it.

1.  Always install conversion tracking.  The more metrics you have the better able you will be to determine what worked and what didn't with your campaigns.

2. Don't overbid, even if you have the money.  Kent provides an equation that he follows to determine the maximum amount he should bid.  It goes like this:  Client value is defined as the typical amount you can expect to make off the customer.
(Client Value x (1 - Desired profit margin as a percent) x landing page conversion rate. 
Let's try the following example.  Client Value: $150   Desired profit margin: 15%  Conversion rate:  4%
(150 x (1-.15) x .04=$5.10 would be the maximum bid

3. Add negative keywords which will make it clear what keywords you are unwilling to pay for.

4. Check your AdWords account at least once a day to make sure it's operating smoothly.

5.  Always have a clear call to action.  I've always said no matter what type of advertising you are doing; make sure it's clear what you want the customer to do.  PPC is no different.

6. Extensions are good…and not just in your hair.  Add extensions to you ads to make them work harder.  It's will fit in with what Google is trying to do.

If you're PPC, then AdWords is your oxygen.  Anything you can do to improve its performance can make a huge difference.