I’m a marketer, but I’m a consumer too.  One of the reasons I think I’m a half-decent marketer is that I pay attention to how I’m treated as a consumer.  I pay attention to the things that companies do that I like and which ones drive me crazy.  In the case of e-mail, I’ve already unsubscribed from the ones that e-mail too much or e-mail non-relevant material.

I also pay attention to those e-mails that I find engaging and entice me to look at them.  The number one way to do this is to have your e-mail list loaded with people who have signed up voluntarily to receive your e-mail. 

But even if I did not sign up to receive emails from certain companies, I still keep them around for one of a couple reasons – I like the industry (Banana Republic for example) or they send out creative e-mails that I find fun to read (RareBirdLit.)

You probably also receive e-mails that you choose to look at for a variety of reasons.  Let’s see if we can make our e-mails better so we can get the non-voluntary people to open them.
1.    Keep subject lines short.  Can you do it in 25 characters or less?  If so, do it.  Don’t go above 35.  Always keep the mobile screen in mind – it’s SMALL.
2.    Most people use a preview pane.  According to A Weber Communications, 53% of B2C email subscribers and 80% of B2B subscribers view emails in a window pane.  Make sure your offer is visible to those people, as they are the majority.
3.    Make it readable.  Large type – 16 point and higher.  This means you have to write lean.  The fewer words the better.  It’s more important than ever for image and words (only a few) to work together.
4.    Put your copy in stacked blocks.  You have limited space so start with the most important and move down to your least important.

E-mail mobile marketing can be one of the most important tools for an affiliate marketer, so using these few tips can help to get the most out of yours.

There is a double source to this article.  BKV Digital Direct Response and 60SecondMarketer.