According to research released by the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI), the additional weight of a hybrid engine is like an extra layer of safety, not found in lighter, no-hybrid cars.  This has resulted in passengers in hybrids being 25% less likely to be injured in an accident.

Candysse Miller, Executive Director of the “Insurance Information Network of California said, “choosing a car that saves gas, doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on safety.”

The research compared 25 hybrid cars and the gasoline-powered versions of those same vehicles.  The testing included the Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion and Honda Accord.

But there is some bad safety news regarding hybrids.  In a separate report the HLDI found that hybrids may be 20% more likely to be involved in pedestrian accidents, than their gasoline powered alternatives.  The quiet engines of a hybrid are suspected are the reason.  The National Highway Traffic safety Administration is looking into how manufacturers could equip their cars with sounds to alert pedestrians.