Apple has filed for a patent for a system in which an electronic device would charge when attached to a moving person.  Using “printed coils”, it would charge as a result of electromagnetic induction caused by human exercise. 
In practical terms it means that an iPad or iPhone for instance would stay charged for the time that you are moving. 

Tech Crunch explains it this way:  “Apple’s method is clearly aimed at making it possible for this tech to work with smartphones and other mobile gadgets, and could theoretically work either as a contained system or as a two-part arrangement in which the magnet portion could live in a holster, case or other device to reduce the necessary bulk. It also doesn’t necessarily have to make iPhone self-powered – a small array that provides enough juice to slowly feed back some charge and thus extend battery life considerably throughout the day would provide considerable benefit, even if it can’t fully charge the device in any reasonable amount of time.”

Life becomes more of a sci-fi flick everyday, doesn’t it?