We found an article recently that was directed to business owners and it offered ways to find an insurance agent.  We decided to take the same information and turn it around to see if agents could find new clients by doing the opposite.

The first suggestion was to ask friends to recommend an agent.  Exactly.  If you’re an agent ask friends and relatives not just for their business, but ask if they know of anyone who is in the market for insurance.  Maybe they know someone who is buying a house, or just purchased a new car.  Ask if you can provide them with a free quote.

Next, they suggested asking their personal agent to suggest recommendations for their business insurance.  You may have separate agents for your personal and business lines.  Ask one for leads on the other.  But don’t stop there.  Ask other businesses you work with for insurance leads.  Maybe you know of someone you can recommend to them.  Create your own network, without all the hassle of an official one.

The article then suggested that business owners contact a trade association to see if they have a business insurance seminar or presentation coming up on the topic of insurance.  Great idea.  Contact your local chamber of commerce, or trade group where you have some experience, and tell them you’re looking for more business.  Ask what sponsorship opportunities they have available or ask if they would like a free insurance presentation for their members.

That’s a good start for the new year, don’t you think?