recently gathered quotes from some of marketing’s leaders regarding content creation and the whole content marketing arena.  In case you missed them here are a few of the gems.

1.     "Think of it more as publishing instead of marketing. Be authentic as a publisher and create content that helps you connect to everyone else ... because they're already connected." - Mitch Joel, Twist Image

2.    "Focus on creating value to customers and building a long-term relationship. Long-term effort and customer relations are the hardest thing for competition to copy." - Priit Kallas, DreamGrow Digital

3.    "If you read fiction, you will naturally create marketing people love. Without it, your creative wheels won't turn." - Gini Dietrich, Arment Dietrich – I must admit to being biased about this one.  I am a huge reader; to the point where I can’t imagine my life without it.  Fiction opens your mind to ideas previously unknown.

4.    "Don't try to do it all. It's better to be awesome on one or two channels than to overextend on six." - Cameron Chapman, Author of The Smashing Idea Book: From Inspiration to Application – This is great advice.  If you’re not comfortable on Twitter for example, don’t do it.  BUT, do create a presence and stick with it on other social media.  You don’t have to be everywhere; but where you are should resonate.

5.    "Content is constantly evolving, so brands need to stay ahead of the curve as best they can. Before you publish anything, think to yourself: Is this something I would share with my social network? Is this something that my audience would identify with? Social media is about identity, as opposed to search, which is a utility." - Michael Lazerlow, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

6.    "If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing." - Guy Kawasaki

7.    "Stop selling. Start helping." - Zig Ziglar, Author of See You At The Top

Couldn’t say it better.