When is the last time you visited Google Trends?  If it's been a while, you should visit again soon.  An article from Chuck Price which appeared on SearchEngineWatch.com acted as a reminder for me to check it out and I thought I would share some of the information I learned.

You can study up to four groups of keywords and each of these groups can contain up to 25 words.  For each group of keywords you can look at the overall searches by percentage, you can look at specific geographic areas, as well as the search history by time span.  You can look long range, such as from 2004 to present and you can examine more recent results such as the past 7 days.

How can this information help the SEO team in your office?  It is particularly helpful for seeing the time of year that your keywords are most frequently searched.  I looked at "mortgage loans" and it's easy to see that when the news that interest rates are either rising or falling, interest peaks for this product and those keywords.  The author Price, used auto parts and found that early summer is the time of year when these keywords are most searched for.

The report also showed related terms that were searched for as well.  For mortgage loans, the phrases "home mortgage," "home mortgage loans," and "home loans" also received a lot of traffic.  Other keywords of interest include mortgage calculator" and "fha loans."

The states that indexed highly for "mortgage loans" include Utah (100), West Virginia (95), Virginia (96) and North Carolina (93).  On the low end of the interest scale were Wyoming, Idaho and the Dakotas - their index was zero.  Apparently residents of those states are secure with their mortgages.

In addition to web searches, you can test for results from YouTube and Google image searches.