Google’s getting into television.  As a cable TV provider.  Yes you read that properly. 

Business Insider reports that Google has built a $500 million fiber optic network in Kansas City that is reportedly 100 times faster than any other system on earth.  In addition to providing the internet faster than anyone else, it will deliver television programming.

Google says that TV service, called Google fiber,  will be HD quality and include a DVR that will store 500 hours of programming.   The service will cost about $120 a month and will also offer apps for Android and iPad.   It also says it will carry many of the very best networks available.

Sounds great, right? But don’t forget this is Google we’re talking about.  They are not going to wire a region then sell to subscribers.  If you want Google fiber, you have join forces with other people and sign a petition to request the service.

The Business Insider article makes a very important point as well.  Google already controls the internet to a great extent (search as least); what happens when they control the accessibility of the internet?  What will happen is that they will wield a great deal of power.