As we mentioned in an earlier post, Google will soon be launching a new search algorithm coming called Penquin 2.0 which will target black hat SEO and advertorials specifically.  At least those that violate Google's webmaster guidelines; specifically, if you use advertorials make sure you clearly label them as such.

But in the video Google head of search, Matt Cutts, also talked about some changes coming for the payday loan industry.  He warns that this update will target "spammy" sites in the payday loan and pornographic industries.  He said, "they (Google)want to go upstream to deny the value to link spammers."  In other words, know where your inbound links are coming from.

He hinted that changes to payday loan search are being done to accommodate others from outside Google; possible various governments.  And he stated that this is a world wide update; not just U.S.