Many of you already know some of the key shortcuts that you can use to help you really find what you are looking for in a Google search.  But as we have new affiliates joining the T3Leads team every day so we offer this short list of Google search shortcuts that will help make your next search a more accurate one.

1.    Search a specific site for a specific keyword by using “site”.  For example, “ google search”
2.    Use “filetype” to look for a particular type of file.  For example: “filetype:pdf payday loan application”
3.    On the hunt for sites similar to another?  Use “related.”  “
4.    Looking for a particular phrase:  Put it in quotes.  “Saw a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac.”
Yes, from the Don Henley song
5.    To look up the definition of a word: define:patriotism
6.    Do you want to know who links to your pages?
7.    Are you looking for the most current results?  There is a toolbar on the left of a search page that addresses time.  Choose from “past hour”, past 24 or 48 hours for instance.

Shortcuts such as these can help save tons of time and deliver the information that you are really looking for.  Thanks Business Insider for the Info.