Google has unveiled its newest laptop, the Chromebook Pixel (hate the name) which will retail for $1,299.  It looks like a MacBook Pro and cost about the same, but there is one big difference.  The Pixel is cloud based, so rather than having a hard drive filled with multiple memory hogging programs, the only program on the Pixel is a web browser.

This computer comes with a screen resolution to match Mac’s retina display and has an equally fast processor.  It also comes with a touch screen that no Mac has.  All of your files live in (on) Google’s cloud and are accessible from any other Google hardware – phone, tablet or laptop.

An article appearing on had this to say regarding Google’s motives, “it doesn’t even matter if it doesn’t sell. Google doesn’t make its money on software (like Microsoft) or hardware (like Apple). It just wants access to all your information. And it can afford to wait, through successive generations of Pixels, for users to come into its arms.”