In case you missed it, Mike Tek wrote an extensive article covering some lesser known Google tools which appeared on  It’s worth checking out, but here’s a summary.

1.    Universal Analytics. This is an upgraded version of the current Analytics tool, which will allow for additional data collection methods, the ability to customize configuration settings, the ability to customize metrics and multi-platform tracking. 
“To use UA, set up a new web property dedicated to Universal Analytics in your Google Analytics account. You can either set up a new property on an existing account, or create a new account specifically for Universal Analytics. Follow the UA set up overview for guidance.”
Tek reminds you that not all features are integrated, so don’t stop with the regular Analytics until they are.

2.    Tag Manager & Tag Assistant.  Tag Manager gives you a centralized management system for your tags.  It saves time because you can track your snippets here and optimize page loads.  The Tag Assistant makes tracking your tag/rules easier.

3.    Think Insights.  We recently wrote an article proclaiming the joys of Think Insights.  It’s a great tool for research.  You can find that last little fact that will help you to make your case.

4.    Customer Surveys.  A paid product, but still relatively affordable, Google Consumer Surveys are a great way to talk to customers outside of your circle.  Easy to create and highly targetable, if you need some answers, than Surveys may be the way to go.

5.    Trends.  Maybe the best use of this tool for Affiliate Marketers is the ability to track keywords over time.  The ability to study seasonality can save you tons of time and money.

6.    Public Data Explorer.  It compiles governmental statistics worldwide on everything from changing unemployment in Europe to their most dangerous roads.  Great site for content idea generation.

I don’t always love Google to be honest, but they do have some of the most helpful tools in the industry and most are free.