In this mobile day and age, it seems like everyone who is anyone is creating and releasing a tablet.  No, T3Leads isn’t going to be releasing a tablet specifically for data monetization and lead generation, but our partner in crime, Google, is.  And to go along with their new tablet, entitled the Nexus, they will also be releasing a smartphone to battle their archenemies Apple and Microsoft.

The Nexus 4 phone is Google’s fourth phone, but this time it will be manufactured by LG.  According to Google, the phone is big and fast, both of which are desirable traits to potential buyers.

Now Google has never been very popular on the phone circuit (in the US), but this time Google is changing their strategy; usually, when you buy a fancy phone, to get the phone in the two to three hundred dollar range, you need to sign up for a two year contract, but not this time.

Now you can buy the Nexus 4 for $299 without a contract and costs even less with a contract.  Ordinarily, fancy smart phones are $600-$700 without a contract.

A huge drawback is that it is only compatible with certain cellular networks, namely Verizon and Sprint.

The phone will be released to the market on November 13th 2012.

But even with a smaller price tag and a big screen and quick and fancy innards, one wonders if it can compete with the already established smartphones.

And in the spirit of further competition, Google has announced the release of a new tablet with a ten inch screen called the Nexus 10.  According to Google, it has the highest resolution of any tablet of its size.  The tablet has excellent speakers, a large battery life, and multiple user accounts. Plus they are $100 cheaper than iPads.

Google is known for their search engine and handy dandy email.  Although it is not impossible for them to branch out into the world of mobile electronics, it seems that they are starting at a disadvantage when compared to established companies.