Google Now is an enhanced search tool, but much more than that.  It is trying (you be the judge as to whether or not it works) to be the bridge between search and an all-encompassing mobile platform.  Now was previously only available for newer versions of Android, but is now ready for iOS.  This brings about a potential battle with Siri.

Here’s what Now can do.

Turn on your device and get weather, traffic, your daily appointments, sports results and more.  Customize it to be what you want it to be.  Can’t remember if you have appointments today?  Now does.  Meeting times and locations are listed for you.

Traveling today?  Get updates about your flight and useful information about your new location when you land.  You can even get currency conversions rates.

Google Now is also voice activated.  Ask it questions about the weather, movies, restaurants and you’ll get results for those searches.  This is how search becomes part of Now.

The app seems particularly helpful when traveling, especially when it comes to finding restaurants, or maybe dry cleaners or a car repair outlet in places unfamiliar to you.

Now’s information is provided on cards that appear on your screen.  Here’s a chart of the categories available on Now.

Google NOW categories

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