In a survey by abc News and The Washington Post, Google had the highest favorable opinions in the tech industry over competitors Facebook, Apple and Twitter.
82% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Google, with Apple at 74%.  Facebook came in at 58% and Twitter at 37%.  Twitter also has the unfortunate label of having the highest negative opinion at 36%.
When asked if they had a “strongly favorable” opinion of the companies, Google’s lead was greater with 53%, compared to Apple’s second place finish of 37%.

Generational differences are also clear especially when the topic is social media.  About a third of seniors view Facebook and Twitter negatively.  Google and Apple also fared better among highly educated and affluent Americans.

According to analysts of the survey the popularity of Google in large part has to do with the fact that for many people Google is the internet, because of the search engine services they provide.  Additionally, the privacy issues that Google is facing are non-existent to the average American.

Google can certainly take pride in these numbers, but not take them for granted.