Google has officially debuted “Keep” a note taking service which replaces “Notebook” and directly challenges “Evernote” in the mobile note taking business.  “Keep” stores everything in Google Drive where it is then accessible to all your Google/Android devices.

Keep allows the user to type in notes, to create daily lists or reminders and to take voice notes.  One very nice feature is the ability to check your notes without activating the application.

The differences between Keep and Evernote?  Note requires Android 4.2+ while Evernote is available in 1.6+.  Note is only available on Android for now, while Evernote is usable on all mobile platforms.

Comparison screens show Keep to be almost sterile looking, while Evernote, which has a greater number of options, looks a tad cluttered.

Interestingly, Evernote CEO told that the introduction of Google Keep comes with plusses and minuses.  On the down side, there is now competition where it did not exist before, and on the positive side, since

Google’s announcement, Evernote has seen a spike in downloads due to increased awareness for the concept of mobile note taking applications.