Have you been asking yourself what Google Glass is and what it might do?  I admit to being one of those people.  Despite how annoying Sergey Brin is and looks wearing those things (the glasses) I have to say that I’m curious what they might actually do.

I’m writing this article prior to going to their Google Glass website, because I want to guess what they might have in store.

Jayson DeMers of SearchEngineWatch is also curious because he wrote about them recently.  He provides some thoughts and predictions about what they will do and how they will work.  Let’s see if we can come up with some our own.

Here are a few of my crazy thoughts about what I’d like to see them do:
1.    Be voice activated.  Switch form app to app with a voice command.  We know it is voice activated for search, but can it do the same for apps and other commands? 
2.    Provide a visual game experience that is unparalleled.
3.    Be able to call 911 in the event of an emergency.
4.    The ability to join a Video conference.  A still photo of the wearer would appear to others.  I’m still having a problem wrapping my head around how this will work, but there’s a way, I’m sure of it. 
5.    Be designed with travelling in mind.  Bored at the airport?  Long flight?  Have content that is customized for these situations.
6.    Be usable for people who wear glasses.
7.    And finally…make it legal to slap the person who wears and/or interacts with them while they are having a conversation with me.

DeMers thinks that social connections will important, as well as geographic location.  I have to admit that if that’s all they do, what’s the point?  Google glass has to bring more to the table than stuff you can already do on your phone.  Unless of course, it’s a far superior experience.

It’s imperative Google Glass does something new and unique, or why carry around another device?

I have now been to the Google Glass site and I might now be accused of having a lackluster imagination.  Here’s my favorite part of what I saw on the site:  while skiing down a hill, Google Glass shows you the entire trail, so you know where you’re going, beyond the next turn.

We’re in a technology business and this piece of technology has the potential to be a game changer.