No kidding.  There is a car that is driven with Google technology.  It is a self-driving vehicle and the initial tests have been positive.  The car is not built by Google, but the technology to operate the vehicle is designed by them.  Currently a Lexus is being used.  The picture they released pretty much shows a Lexus with a camera on top.

They are using about a dozen different cars and have logged in 300,000 miles.  There has not been a single accident with the technology in place.

Google does caution however that they have a long way to go before overcoming such challenges as ice and snow and other weather related driving challenges.  There also seem to be problems with the car navigating temporary road closures.  Both of those are pretty important conditions that will need to be hammered out.

But the basics of the technology seem to be sound for basic navigation.

I can picture it now…our cars will be like an extension of our living rooms.  We will tell the car where we want to go, sit back in our bean bag chair and it will take us there.  This is not 50 years away, I really think it’s closer to 10 years away.

Thanks to TechCrunch for the source post.