Forget the news, it’s the ads.  Google is testing a new paid-vertical advertising block.  This time for cars.  This follows in the footsteps of some financial services, hotels and air flights.  The box (marked as sponsored) features photos of the automobile make and model and lists prices as well.  Looks like a newspaper ad to me.

When you connect to the provided link in the ad you can search the inventory of dealers in your area as well as prices, features, etc.  Other links include “Incentives” and “Pricing” that provide additional information about those topics, including a price range that is typical for that geographic area.

And finally you can request more information from a specific dealer by e-mailing them or requesting a return phone call.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with this, and in fact my guess is that it will be a hit with searchers.  It certainly is an easy way to shop around for a car.  My question ultimately is, how long until this format is used for the insurance industry (a huge search category,) realtors (who already do it themselves in many cases, but they’re not Google) or any number of other big industry verticals?

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