Different foods help our bodies with different functions.  For example, cranberries are good for your kidneys and foods with fiber are good for the digestive tract.   But did you know that some foods are good for your brain? 

Thanks to Dina Spector and BusinessInsider.com  we have a list of 6 to share. 
1.    Blueberries: Helps with memory
2.    Kale: Battles the effects of aging
3.    Beets: Aids in “brain process information”
4.    Apples: “Improves sensory perception attention”
5.    Cayenne Peppers: Contains ingredients that release endorphins that relax us and make us happy
6.    Anchovies: It’s levels of Omega-3 acids help keep the brain from aging and help prevent memory loss

Our jobs often include high stress and they certainly have us spending most of our time sitting in front of a computer.  All the more reason to keep a strong supply of apples and blueberries on hand to snack on.  It makes perfect sense.  Don’t forget!