Your customer has just converted.  In other words, they have purchased your product or signed up for a webinar or white paper.  Your next step should be sending the customer a thank-you page and an email.  The email should review the purchase and help to build customer loyalty.  Engage them with that e-mail.  But that's another post.

You have a great opportunity with the Thank You page to build goodwill with the customer and even to convert them again.  As John Paul Mains says in his post "Rethinking the lowly Thank You page," your customer may never feel better about your company than at that moment, why not take advantage of it.

Mains has his own list of Thank you page elements and we have ours that is more targeted to the short-term lending industry.  Here's our list:
1.  Confirm the sale and provide an easy to understand list of what the customer should expect to happen next. 
2. Include an easy to find box with contact information for the customer who has a question.
3. Ask the customer to sign up for a newsletter or other related content marketing piece.
4. Provide other offers that the customer may be interested in.  Don't just provide these as afterthoughts.  Make the offers compelling and well designed.
5. Include social signals for easy sharing.
6. Use the opportunity to show your personality; share your brand.  This can be done with a funny quote, a well-constructed logo or even with an animated mascot of sorts.  Think Geico gecko. 
This can be done simultaneously with a well thought-out and designed thank you page.  Don't just phone this page in.  Spend time writing and designing it.  Your customer just converted.  Show them that you care.

This is your opportunity to tell the customer that you want to be in a relationship, not just a one and done transaction.