By Paul Parcellin, Staff Writer
July 21, 2014

Businesses need a steady flow of leads to survive or else they'll run out of people who are interested in purchasing their product or service. That's why it's important for lead generators to continuously develop promising leads. If you're in the business of generating marketing leads, you may have heard of multi-level marketing leads, and you may wonder what they are and how to generate them.
For those who may be unfamiliar with the terms multi-level marketing or "multi-level marketing leads," here's a brief explanation:

Multi-level marketing leads are targeted toward both sales as well as recruiting. Your website may persuade prospects interested in your offers to convert into leads. Additionally, you may recruit affiliates on the same page that you use to prospect for customers, or you may have a different website or paid advertisements aimed at recruiting affiliates.

For affiliates, multi-level marketing is simply promoting or recruiting other publishers through your blog, website or other means mentioned below. In addition to commissions the webmaster is paid on each of his or her own sales, the promoter also earns a commission for each of his or her recruits' sales. That's why multi-level marketing is known as a "two-tiered" system.

Generating Multi-Level Marketing Leads

Multi-level marketing leads can be generated from a variety of different sources including:
• Banner advertisements
• Websites
• Blog posts
• Paid search
• Social media

You'll probably need to do some testing with each of these platforms to find the placement, text and scheduling that reaps the richest benefits for you. Experiment with different type faces, graphics and page layouts if you're mainly using a website or blog to reach prospects. Write engaging headlines for your social media posts and advertisements - the headline is often what catches the reader's attention.

Setting a Multi-Level Marketing Lead Generation Plan and Goals

You can learn to generate quality multi-level marketing leads, but it takes a bit of work and persistence. The first thing to remember is that you must focus on your prospects' needs, and not yours, and understand their desires, feelings and goals.

Once you begin to get a handle on what your target market is looking for you can better provide the kind of support or information that they want. Focus on building relationships first, and once you do that, you can begin to work on creating business opportunities.

There are a number of different ways to generate good-quality multi-level marketing leads online, and here are a few:

On a Personal Website

If your goal is to attract visitors, you must offer fresh, informative content on your personal website. A website can attract a range of visitors, each with his or her concerns or interests. You'll want to tailor your content to appeal to the kinds of visitors that you want. The more carefully optimized your site's content is, the better results you'll likely have in multi-level marketing lead generation.

Depending on protocols of the network through which you are selling your leads, you may have a form on your page. Prospects will enter their pertinent information into the form, and that information will be channeled to a network for possible sale. Another option may be that your site will simply link to another site, and you will be compensated for each click-through that you earn.

You might include an affiliates or partners link at the bottom of your page to spark the interest of others who might want to get involved. Many businesses include these kinds of links to aid in their recruiting efforts. If you explore their links, often at the bottom of their pages, you may be amazed to learn that so many have affiliate links.

Writing Articles to Get Visitors to Your Site

Google tends to favor sites with fresh content, so if you post new articles, information and visual content to your personal website, the Google crawler will likely visit your site more regularly, and this will probably help improve your ranking with the search engine. If you're hoping to find recruits, you'll want to write about the benefits of affiliate marketing and perhaps offer some tips on how to get started. Those seeking leads interested in the products or services that you are promoting should write articles, blog posts and ads that promote the positive aspects of the offerings.

Create Videos to Spark Interest

In addition to written and pictorial content on your pages, it's a good idea to create a video that you can post on your site. Your video can be a simple PowerPoint presentation with voiceover narration, or it can be a full-blown professional production. What matters most is that it must be informative and timely, and the information it contains should appeal to your target audience.

Free Materials for More Traffic

One way to build your visitor base and encourage repeat visits is to offer free materials. If you allow visitors to download a free report or newsletter, you'll make a more lasting impression on potential prospects. You can also collect visitors' email addresses when they download your free offerings and that will help build your mailing list. You can offer materials targeted at prospects and an entirely different kind of offering for affiliate recruits. With a growing list of visitors interested in your product or service you can begin to build relationships with those individuals and further develop your multi-level marketing lead generation potential.

The Auto Responder

With an auto responder, you can stay in touch with those on your mailing list by sending them timed responses over an extended period. Those who are not ready to convert immediately may be more apt to do so sometime in the future. This way they may remember you when they are ready to make a purchase or commitment.

Multi-Level Marketing Lead Generation: Blogging

Blogging allows you to discuss a wide variety of topics, and you can target a blog toward the kinds of prospects and recruits that you hope to attract. Writing a blog allows you to build a dialogue with your readers, especially if your posts include a comments section. Readers can respond to your articles and you can answer their questions and provide specific information that they seek.

Post Script: Generating Multi-Level Marketing Leads

There are a number of tools you can use to generate multi-level marketing leads, including your own website, mailing lists, email auto responders and blog posts. It's a good idea to create a video, even a modestly budgeted one that provides information that you can provide to those interested in your products and services. A video may improve your standings with Google, and it can help you distribute a great deal of information quickly.

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