Robo-call companies are those that use computer technology to call consumers from a false phone number and promise low interest rates on debt consolidation loans.  They use a pre-recorded message from “Rachel from Cardholder Services” to entice people with an offer.  Then they connected them with live operators who claimed that with lower interest rates consumers could pay off debt much faster.

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is filing suit against five companies that they say have stolen $30 million from consumers:  Ambrosia Web Design, A+ Financial Center, The Green Savers and Key One Solutions.

According to article by Jennifer Martinez, “the agency believes the companies didn't make the calls themselves and hired other firms to dial consumers instead. For example, the FTC claims that a company named

Asia Pacific placed 2.6 billion robo-calls over an 18 month period. The agency said it's aiming to go after these "dialer" companies.”

The FTC asked people who receive “robo-calls” to not respond and to contact the FTC or the Better Business Bureau if they receive such a call.