The automated car story is a fascinating one.  We reported on it in August and it seems that our article has caused the federal government to get involved.

Well, it wasn’t really us who nudged them, the fact remains that the feds are taking an interest in the automated car.

According to the Obama Administration is ready to study the potentialities of automated cars.  Safety issues, reliability, etc.

Head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, David Strickland, told a group in Washington that they have had “extensive discussions with carmakers and Google about what needs to happen before the introduction of these cars to the general public.”

The technology is moving fast and so is the entire movement.  Three states have even given the go ahead to testing on their roads – Nevada, Florida and California.

At this point the technology requires the driver to monitor the cars’ actions.  Questions remain as to whether or not cars can be taught to react to the toughest of deriving conditions such as ice, road closures, etc.

Strickland said he was not aware of any vehicle that was in development in which a driver would not be required, but acknowledged that that is the next logical step in the product’s evolution.

But the technology is here.  When the feds become aware of and begin learning about a piece of technology, it’s well on its way to reality.