Apple held a new product introduction which included new models for Mac Book Pro, the iMac and a new iPad Mini.  And a bit of a surprise – a new iPad, called the iPad 4.  The most recent iPad model (the non-numbered model) will be phased out for this model and the iPad 2 will also remain in production.

It’s not the big news that the iPhone 5 was, but these new products may certainly be of interest to affiliate marketers everywhere.  So here’s the rundown:

1.    Mac Book Pro – a new 13-inch model with Retina display.  It is 20% thinner than the previous model and weighs one pound less.  (You will feel this pound when you are lugging this thing around in an airport.)  The 13-inch model will cost $1,699 and the updated 15-inch will begin at $2,199.  There is also a backlit keyboard and new HD camera.

2.    iMac.  The CD/DVD drive is dead.  This model is super thin.  5 millimeters thin.  And lightweight.  8 pounds less than the last model.  Screen reflection is reduced by 75% (WOW!)  There are lots of other upgrades including a new sound system, a better camera and greater energy efficiency.  Prices begin at $1,299 for the 21.5 inch model and $1,799 for the 27-inch model.  Quite the upgrade on this model.

3.    iPad Mini.  I must admit to a certain level of amusement with the tech community in their reactions to the release of new products such as this.  It’s a tablet that is 2 inches smaller than the previous model; it’s not a whole new way of computing, so relax a little with the superlatives.  The price point is higher than the speculation: $329 for the 16Gb (compared to the iPad 4 price of $499).  The Mini does not have retina display as the larger iPads and the iPhone 5 has.  The guts of the machine are essentially the iPad 2 according to Business Insider.

4.    iPad 4:  The biggest change is speed.  With a new processor it is twice as fast as the prevous iPad model.  It will cost the same beginning at $499.

It’s interesting to note that Apple’s stock fell $20 on the day of the announcement and most of that can be attributed to the Mini’s price.  If sales falter initially, expect the price to fall below $300 pretty quickly.  Just one man’s opinion.