So Facebook’s “Home” has been introduced and the dust has settled so to speak.  So what do we think about it?  That this could well be the game changer of mobile, that’s all.

Rob Borley recently wrote an article that appeared on the econsultancy blog and he has much the same opinion.  Let’s take a look at why we’re both so bullish on Facebook Home.

Facebook has created a Facebook phone without actually building a phone.  Home is designed to “lay over” the phone’s operating system.  It will always be “on” unless the user turns it off, which is not often going to happen.  Facebook users tend to use the app hours a day.  For many it’s the only one they use.  It makes perfect sense to believe that the same thing will happen on mobile.

In developing this project Facebook seems to have expertly understood their “place” in the marketplace and created Home to fit perfectly in it.  Other than Apple iOS and Google’s Android system, there’s no one else even close to making a dent in the marketplace.  Windows and Blackberry are struggling for market share.  Why would Facebook want to dive into that pool?  By understanding that they are an application and using the best of that to create an impact on mobile, they may well have succeeded in creating something game changing.

Borley makes a great point in his article.  As time goes on and people use and come to rely on Facebook Home, when it comes time for a new phone, they will want a “Facebook phone,” not ever realizing that Home was an application not a phone itself.

Borley does a great job of breaking down the competition.  He believes that this is the first true threat to Apple’s dominance.  Samsung and Amazon struggle with the “lack of an all consuming ecosystem.”  The Apple App Store is still way ahead of the competition including Android, but look for that to be the next mountain that Facebook will climb.