E-mail marketing is really a trust between consumer and a business.  As long as the business doesn’t break the trust, I will continue to receive their e-mails.  I will not unsubscribe from them.  But, if they break one of the covenants below, I will unsubscribe in a heartbeat.

Thanks to Patricio Robles and econsultancy.com for the article inspiration.  Their blog is helpful one that we highly recommend.

Rule Number 1:  Do not send too many e-mails.  If you’re selling auto insurance, don’t e-mail me everyday.  If you’re lucky enough to know my renewal date, you can e-mail more often about two or three months before that.

Rule Number 2:  Do not send Irrelevant Material.  I’m a man.  It kills me how many e-mails I get with female oriented offers.  I unsubscribe immediately.

Rule Number 3: Do not send me an email with the wrong tone or attitude.  Don’t be pushy.  Don’t do buy now types of appeals if you are a retail establishment.  Just tell me about the sale; don’t tell me that I’ll miss out and my life will be incomplete without a particular pair of pants.  Do not make assumptions about me and your relationship to me.

The golden rule to e-mail marketing is this:  don’t break the trust.  If you do, you will find yourself getting more unsubscribes than conversions.