As reported by the Wall Street Journal and, the Department of Justice has opened a “wide-ranging” investigation into the changing broadband industry.  Specifically are the cable, satellite and telecom industries “stifling” internet video companies like Netflix.  And, in a situation similar to Google and Google+, they’re looking into whether Comcast is providing unfair advantage to its own streaming products, at the expense of others.

Recently Comcast instituted data caps, which are monthly limits on broadband usage, but excluded their own streaming video service, from the cap.  Netflix is not happy about that.  Comcast says that their own products are stored in a different way, and thus don’t apply.  They also point out that a subscriber would have to watch 10 hours of streaming video per day to hit the cap.  Netflix disagrees and says ultimately that the caps will limit “innovation” and keep prices high.

Legal battles over technology are nothing new and are the one certain thing in all of this.