The Co-chair of the Tracking Protection Working Group (TPWG,) Peter Swire, is leaving his post for a new one in the Obama administration.  The TPWG has been one of the two lead groups working on a privacy compromise with the online advertising industry, represented by the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA.)

His new position is as a member of the President's Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technology.

Swire's departure comes on the heels of Jonathan Mayer's exit less than a month ago.  Mayer "left out of frustration."  He said that over the last two years, there have been 7,148 e-mails, 78 conference calls, 10 in-person meetings and five final-deadline postponements.  In Mayer's opinion the issue on online privacy remains at a standstill.

The best guess is that the talks will continue but will be delayed.  Both groups acknowledge that things are quite bleak right now, which essentially means that things will continue with the status quo.

Original source for the article is Business Insider