A federal legislative measure has been introduced that would ban Internet companies from following the online actions of consumers who register for a "do-not-track" service.

Senator John D. Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) is sponsoring the “Do-No-Track Online Act of 2011” (S 913), which would allow the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to develop regulations regarding the do-not-track registration service, including the registration method and the rules for companies that access consumer online data. State attorneys general and the FTC would enforce the regulations.

Senator Rockefeller commented, “Recent reports of privacy invasions have made it imperative that we do more to put consumers in the driver’s seat when it comes to their personal information.”

Senator Al Franken (D-MI) also chimed in: “Consumers have a fundamental right to know what data is being collected about them." He added, “And yet reports that the information on our mobile devices is not being protected in the way it should be.” Testifying in this hearing were, among others, the FTC, the Department of Justice, Google, Inc., and Apple, Inc. Copies of the witnesses written testimony is available online.